Six Ways to Improve Your Life

1. Learn how to wake up.

Most wake up unaware.

When sleep is over, ask yourself for a daily quip. Not a quote, revelation, epiphany, good goal, or whatever. Keep it simple. A quip has no definition, or expectation. It is easy to construct and creates a positive thought. Start the day with a quip and have a theme. Share. Quietly. You aren't an evangelist, but a positron instead of a neutron or electron (the negative side of, well, everything).

Damn, you look terrific today. It's my favorite kind of day - cloudless (forget the forecast).

2. Watch the news less than 15 minutes, no talk shows, email less than five minutes, Facebook at a glance, texts are returned (use your judgment), 24 hours later if at all, nothing but conversation when eating. If a head drops to read an email, check Facebook, et cetera, there are consequences.

3. No drama. All problems are relative.

A wise man said ...

"99% of the bad stuff I worried about never happened, and the rest was not as bad as I made it." My father.

As a gut check, go outside and look up. The universe is infinite. The day to day junk on Earth is frivolous. While you're looking up, say thanks.

4. You have a soul, use it.

You can. Everyone can ease pain by sharing your soul. Give a dollar, doesn't matter where it goes. Be of help, or at least kind when you have no expectation of favor in return. Waste nothing. Take less, give more than you expect in return. Feed it. Like a little voice, the soul knows right and wrong. Listen. Always take the high road ...

5. Respect mortality of all things.

Pet your dog, hug your family. Smile to all in that crowded elevation. Envy no one, crave quality of life, don't regret, live.

6. Finally, nothing in life is fair. Get over it.

If that thing didn't work out, find another thing. If the trajectory of the universe works against you, go Newtonian. "For every action, there is a positive and opposite reaction." That's not karma or luck, it's universal law.

Your experience on Earth is learning. All creatures great and small learn the power of resilience. Take nothing for granted, and expect nothing in return. You are the product of the five people you hang around the most, so pick 'em wisely. Socialize, look up and down, watch screen time, and go tear up the world ...