What's happening.

          Life experience is as individualized as our unique genetic being. We are alike, and not. 23 chromosomes, DNA, and a complicated dance of physiology. Go to the brain. Inside out, it all starts in the central nervous system. It regulates all, and fuels everything. That primitive part of the brain behind the ear is a remarkably similar to a rat brain. A sagittal section here is pretty close to a human brain (not the prefrontal cortex, that's the smart part). This part of the brain is emotional, craving, and can be hurt. Match that with the limbic system (real emotional), and you've got an important common denominator with the five rules of pain. This part of the brain is the inside out.

           Post The Rules.

          Treater-clinician, any level. Receiving-the disrupted.

          1. Pain is a description, not an entity. Again, it can't be seen felt or measured. Description is our best discovery.

          2. You must have a diagnosis. No, low back pain is not a diagnosis. Why do you call it that. Because fibro is a nontraditional disease. Sometimes nontraditional healers count. Low back pain is a symptom. Fibro shares these positives and negatives. It is a syndrome, a group of problems, often only defined by descriptors. Herein lies the flawed fibro construct. We will get to that.

          3. If you don't believe in a problem, or think it entirely psychosomatic, refer it out.

         This is for the treater not the receiver. If the receiver feels the treater is not a believer, move on.

          4. Know thy drugs.

          Five classes, five drugs. Repeat next month. For the treater. Stay up. Get the pharmacodynamics and kinetics. Pick your five classes. Benzo (ick), NSAID (ick), Opiod (hummmmm), Gabapentnoid (yes), that's G-A-B-A-P-E-N-T-N-O-I-D Gabapentnoid, Muscle Relaxant (useless) etcetera. Pick five drugs. Learn them, own them.

          5. From a compassionate standpoint I want to relieve your pain, but a realistic standpoint is we need to improve your function.

          Peaceful command returns. Disruption dissolves, the chaos of fibromyalgia evolves not devolves. If a treater believes in peaceful command, by their style, you've found a believer. Your chances of that evolving into a positive clinical outcome as reality has just jumped.