What I tend to do on this page is to be a disruptor to some extent. My interest in fibromyalgia goes back many years, and I understood it's significant clinical relevance to pain symptoms, and progressive decline in function of quality of life indices. So the typical mantra is the biological cause of fibromyalgia is unknown and there is no cure, and I can tell you that I'm not sure that that is a correct statement. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome it's not a direct disease and therefore you can't make assumptions like that in medicine. Also, the symptoms are subjective. Objective means you can see, touch, feel or measure them, subjective means that they are descriptors. I don't think that's correct either. The treatment is multimodal, and I'm taking this off a pharmaceutical piece, and I will agree with that. I will also agree that fibromyalgia can be complex. It does interfere with activities of daily living, function of quality of life, and people's surrounding, as well as community care. The data says there are roughly between five to ten million Americans that suffer from fibromyalgia. How we can have that kind of range is beyond me. If you can't see, touch, feel or measure something and it is a syndrome, why would you say that so many people are affected. Agreed, there are multiple flare ups through the week, as anybody has ever told you that has any chronic disease state, there are good days and there are bad days. You hope the good outnumbers the bad. A greater than 50% have disturbances in sleep, are depressed, have headaches, have anxiety, and have chronic fatigue. This could describe a general population, and is completely non specific.

I agree that there are more visits to physician or healthcare provider, as those with fibromyalgia just want to find some kind of relief. I will get into support groups, and speaking with healthcare providers that have little to no training in pain or function management, and those that perpetuate functional impairment because there is an allopathic belief that a pill or something simple can correct the problem. When I said multimodality earlier, that meant that there is more than one relationship to treatment, and it's more than likely that modifiable features in healthcare can improve overall symptom management.